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How do we get Bannango?

The basic ingredients for getting the extract are different roots; especially from the bark of the root. Members of Cultsports Ltd are present at original countries of the root (Africa – Kenia & Uganda, Brazil) and monitor and organize the necessary steps. The bark root will get air-dried under Gods Sun and crushed. Whatever dampness is left will get dried again. The powdered roots will be packed and shipped to Europe. There the powder will get extracted according to precise methods. Then the extract will get sprayed onto Maltodexrin and converted into a water solvent consistancy. Vitamins and minerals will be added and packed into pouches. That is Bannango! 

What's the difference to other products?

The process from getting the root until making the pouches takes 2 months max. If we would get the extract directly from a European supplier, you could measure the time from harvest to the pouches in years! Even in India there are artificial farms where these herbs will be bred with the "necessary program to improve profit“. To use chemical fertilizers is normal. If getting out of a hydro cultural background the product is clean and takes even less time to prepare the root. Fast growth of the artificially bred herb is sometimes astronomic. Our roots are found and harvested by locals in the bush.

A Phytoprotectant (expert on herbs) to our subject:

Whether a herb develops a few or more health-promoting, secondary herbal ingredients like ….   depends on many influential factors. Besides the art of the herb, also extreme conditions make a huge difference; such as dryness, high temperate differences between day and night, even the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. In case of vermins, the plant realizes that and is an impulse for polyphenole and other important ingredients for the plant to defend itself against vermins. If due to use of insecticides there are no more vermins, the plant won't have to produce secondary plant substances in huge quantities. As a general rule: the climatically more extreme and the more natural, more secondary plant substances are built and the more precious the plant is for human use.

"The more a plant has to protect itself from possible tribulations and vermins, the better is the plant's army of resistance fighters trained.
-This powerful guard makes the difference!"

We guarantee Quality!

In our product we mainly use the bark of the root. Within its bark you find the most ingredients. That makes a quantum jump in quality. The roots are harvested in free wilderness. Local helpers are compensated fairly for their work. The dry weather in those regions slows down the growth of the herb. That gives special quality. Enough said, just try our product that will convince you!   

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